The top 6 best Cooking Classes In Perth

person preparing cooked dish

Are you looking to expand your culinary capabilities? Then Perth is the perfect place to do it, boasting some of the best cooking classes in all of Australia. From classic French techniques to mastering the basics of cooking, here are the top 6 cooking classes in Perth.

1. Little French Chefs

This delightful cooking school in Perth offers a range of cooking classes for all ages, from kids to adults. Learn to make delicious French dishes like crêpes and macarons, or join a group class to learn how to make a multi-course dinner. Little French Chefs is sure to make your cooking experience a memorable one!

2. The Gourmet Grocer

The Gourmet Grocer is the perfect place to learn how to cook like a professional. Here, you can learn everything from basic knife skills to advanced techniques, and take part in various workshops, competitions and even dinner parties!

3. The Little Kitchen

This educational and fun cooking school in Perth will have you mastering the basics of cooking in no time! They offer a variety of cooking classes, suited for all levels, and they even provide you with all the tools and ingredients you need to create amazing dishes. Plus, The Little Kitchen also offers private catering and special events services.

4. Tastefully Yours

Tastefully Yours is a cooking school in Perth that focuses on teaching classic cooking techniques in a fun and creative environment. Their classes are designed for all levels, and they even offer special classes for children.

5. The Cooking School at Fremantle Markets

This cooking school in Fremantle Markets offers a range of cooking classes, from beginner to advanced, and they even offer special classes for kids. Learn to make traditional dishes from around the world, or take part in interesting themed classes like Italian cooking or Mexican cuisine.

6. The Le Cordon Bleu Perth

This cooking school in Perth is designed for aspiring chefs who want to become professionals. Le Cordon Bleu Perth offers a range of classes for all levels, including basic food preparation and plating, as well as specialised classes such as patisserie, butchery, and wine pairing. With Le Cordon Bleu Perth, you can become a master chef in no time!

So, if you’re looking to become a master chef or just learn the basics of cooking, Perth is the perfect place to do it! With a range of cooking classes available, you can find the right one that suits your skill level and have a memorable culinary experience. Bon appetit!